With the increase in ransomware and foreign government cyber attacks on the rise, monitoring the security of your automation systems has never been more important.  As industrial control systems become more connected, they also become more exposed. Even if your control system is isolated from the internet, intrusions can still occur at the local level.  The high cost of attacks on industrial complexes and the devastation to communities and economies are key drivers for protecting assets.

Most cybersecurity solutions focus on the corporate enterprise computer systems and networks and neglect the control systems that attach to those networks.  

ABEGuardian is not your typical cybersecurity solution.  ABEGuardian is an easy to use, affordable, and effective Operational Technology/Industrial Control Systems (OT/ICS) endpoint security platform, which focuses on monitoring and reporting on vulnerability within your control systems.  It alerts your Cybersecurity team to potential control system security issues that can leave you open to exploitation.

Strategic Automation Services can work with your IT team to implement ABEGuardian within and across your facilities.

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SAS Cybersecurity BrochureSAS Cybersecurity Brochure


Cybersecurity for Control Systems